Phew! The pictures are posted, the video completed and we have officially cross the finish line on another incredible Midsummer Night’s Run!

And y’all… this was one for the books.

Saturday, August 12th – aka Race Day – illustrated the AMAZING community effort and collaboration inspired the kids benefiting local education.

Over 150 kids joined in on the Fun Run, while cheerleaders from all city and county schools brought the pep to push them towards their finish line!

The 5K hosted nearly 200 runners – some sprinting and some strolling.

Arguably the biggest motivation to finish the race was the Jim-N-Nicks barbecue, Steel City Pops and FUN waiting for racers and their families afterward!

And all spectators, runners, supporters and participants were treated to music + fireworks to top off the night!

With another race and another community collaboration in the books, we’re reflecting on how grateful the bank is for such a massive showing of support for this year’s Midsummer Night’s Run.

All money raised is #forthekids and goes to benefit The Blount County Education Foundation and The Oneonta Foundation for Educational Resources.

So thank you, to each and every one of you who made this year’s event so successful and so special.

My name is Madison Blackwood. I am 20 years old and have been working for HomeTown Bank for two years. Growing up, I always struggled with my weight and feeling confident. Even though I was always in dance or cheerleading, I never felt like I was an “ideal fit” kind of girl. After being married for about two years, I noticed I wasn’t caring for my body the way I should and the weight kept piling on. I knew I had to do something to change it.

The turning point for me was finding the perfect health coach. She taught me everything from tracking my calorie intake, to reading nutrition labels. Everything clicked and the pounds started falling off. People started noticing my results, which motivated me even more. My husband and I began a routine of running down our road every day after work, rain or shine. The route is a lot like our MSNR course. Now believe me, I wasn’t the biggest fan of running, nor am I now, but I have grown to appreciate it and how it makes my body feel. Running and weight lifting has allowed me to loose 43 pounds (and counting). When I’m running, I know the hard work will pay off. Repetition is the key to seeing results and you are the only person that can change what you don’t like about yourself.

What better way to celebrate healthy living and weight loss than by running in our MidSummer Nights Run?  I can’t wait to celebrate with my family, friends, and my HTB team as I cross the finish line. It’s not only a celebration for me, but for everyone that is running for a change. Uniting with the community and encouraging healthy activity is so important and that’s exactly what this event is about. It’s also about giving back to the kids, allowing all Blount County and Oneonta City Schools to come together for a shared cause. It is an awesome event and all of the proceeds will be going back into our schools.

So let’s all get together and celebrate how outstanding our community is together and explore the changes we can make!

You can join us here at:

Why I run. For me.  May sound selfish.  It’s not. The better I am, the better wife I can be, and the better mom I can be.

I run (without music) to think.  It’s healthy for my mental state of mind. My husband and friends will tell you my mind never stops turning.  When I run, I start off with a jumbled mess inside my head and by the end my creative juices are flowing and some sort of plan of how to tackle life’s issues begins to materialize.

As a wife, mom and banker, running allows me to step away from the pressure of getting “it” done for 45 minutes (I didn’t say I ran fast).  The challenge is making the 45 minute window happen. It’s worth the challenge.

After I run, I can smile –

it’s over,

I have a plan of action for issues,

I burned a couple hundred calories and

my family missed me.

You can sign up to join the Midsummer Night’s Run here

I MSNR because it is an awesome way to celebrate our community and our school systems! It’s also a great reason to motivate yourself to get healthier.

The first year I almost died running the kid’s fun run with my daughter. Last year I still almost died running/walking the 5K in just under my 50-minute goal. This year I’m sure that I will still think that I’m dying, but I’m running nearly 100 pounds lighter and coming in at around 35 minutes in practice runs.

The MSNR has been part of my motivation to get more active this year.

While all of this is important, I mostly MSNR for myself, my family, and for my community! A lot of us also do it for Mitchie Neel. She is an incredible force in education in Blount County, and it’s hard not to be enthusiastic and supportive of anything that she pours her heart and soul into.

This year my family did not get to take a vacation, but an opportunity opened up for us over the MSNR weekend. When we thought about missing the MSNR, we knew that it wasn’t an option!

Everyone works so hard with Hometown Bank to bring this incredible event to Blount County ​for our students; how could anyone not show up and why w​ould anyone not love the MSNR?

Why do I #MSNR?

​Mainly, b​ecause it’s there!

You can join us here.

The Midsummer Night’s Run is less than a week away. Along the 5K course, runners will be cheered on by local high school bands, cheerleaders and the community.

This race has brought the community together to want to run – from first-time 5K runners to the experienced marathoners!

Running is a great way to meet new friends and encourage each other towards better health and confidence. It’s so exciting to have such a great race and event right here in our hometown.

Whether you run or not, come enjoy!

Enjoy the food, live band and inflatables for the kids. The fireworks show is the best I’ve ever seen!

You don’t want to miss it!

Support our local schools and children and register with us here:

Magical. When I think back on last year’s Midsummer Night’s Run/Event, that’s the word that comes to mind!

So many different things happen on Run night!  We kick the night off with the 5K, which is amazing to see…..from those in the race that are truly serious about running (fast times) to those in the race who walk the course (not so fast times) who are there because they want to help our students!

Close behind the 5K is the Kids Fun Run!  You  haven’t lived until you’ve had the privilege of putting a medal on a child as he or she crosses the finish line!  What a treat to be one of those people!  Then, the fun REALLY begins!  Total A$$et$ cranks up the music from the stage and soon your toe is tapping and you find yourself singing along!  The Jim-N-Nick’s BBQ tent opens and a yummy supper is enjoyed!  Over in the Kids Fun Zone there are huge smiles on kids’ faces as they enjoy all kinds of kid entertainment activities!!

There are equally huge smiles on the adult faces as they realize just how good a Steel City Pop truly is!  Our community from all over the county comes together on this night to enjoy a night of fun brought to us by Hometown Bank!!  As I walk around the event it is so much fun to see folks from all over Blount County and beyond as well!!

As we share the fun of the evening, my mind wanders to all the great support the proceeds from the event will make happen for our students and teachers – classroom resources, summer learning programs, technology, and so many other academic projects of OFFER and Blount County Education Foundation!!!

The night ends with a spectacular fireworks finale as the faces of those present turn toward the heavens and enjoy one more activity together!!!  Magical.  Yes, magical is the word!

Why don’t you come too this year?  Be sure to find me and say “hi!”

You can sign up to join the Midsummer Night’s Run at

August 12th marks a special day in the community, as Hometown Bank’s 3rd Midsummer Night’s Run kicks off with a race and celebration honoring and benefiting local education.

Known as an event that gathers the entire community, The Midsummer Night’s Run’s proceeds go entirely to The Oneonta Foundation for Educational Resources (OFFER) and The Blount County Education Foundation, reminding participants and supporters that this race is #forthekids.

So how can you get involved in this year’s Midsummer Night’s Run?

Be a Supportive Spectator

Interested in attending the race, but not so sure you want to run? We totally get it! You’re still encouraged to join and take advantage of the festivities.

Anyone can attend the event for a $10 entry fee. And that ticket gets you into the event along with access to see the live band, try the food, play in the Fun Zone and watch fireworks after the sun goes down!

Tickets are on sale NOW through August 11th! You can grab yours here, and select the option “Event Entry ONLY.”

Join the Kids’ Fun Run

The Midsummer Night’s Run race wouldn’t be possible or in existence without its mission #forthekids. And so, we’ve created an easy-breezy way to let them in on the fun, too!

The Kids Fun Run gives children of all ages the chance to participate in a one-mile footrace of their own, which will start at 7pm on August 12th! The Fun Run race fee is $25, and includes a Runner’s shirt, Finishing Medal and access to the live band, food, Fun Zone and fireworks!

This registration is open from NOW until August 10th, and you can grab your tickets here! Just select the option “Kids Fun Run & Event.”

Run the 5K

Our final way to be involved in this year’s run? You guessed it… be a RUNNER!

Over 200 competitors raced last year, with over 1,500 people showing up to support the entire event.

Start time for this year’s run will be 6pm on August 12th, and the race will end by 9pm. Race registration is $50, and gives participants a Runner’s shirt, timed chip and access to the live band, food, Fun Zone and fireworks!

Race registration is open from NOW until August 10th, and you can sign up here! Just select the option “5K and Event Entry.”

In case you forget to register until last minute

We know that won’t be the case but just in case, on-site registration will be available at the Oneonta Packet Pick-up location ALL DAY August 11th. And you can also register the day of the race on August 12th, starting at 4:30 at the race site.

We can’t wait to see the community come together in just a week and a half for this year’s Midsummer Night’s Run!

Stay tuned for more info on the event, mission and how we collaborate and celebrate!