Why I MSNR: Angela Henderson

Why I run. For me.  May sound selfish.  It’s not. The better I am, the better wife I can be, and the better mom I can be.

I run (without music) to think.  It’s healthy for my mental state of mind. My husband and friends will tell you my mind never stops turning.  When I run, I start off with a jumbled mess inside my head and by the end my creative juices are flowing and some sort of plan of how to tackle life’s issues begins to materialize.

As a wife, mom and banker, running allows me to step away from the pressure of getting “it” done for 45 minutes (I didn’t say I ran fast).  The challenge is making the 45 minute window happen. It’s worth the challenge.

After I run, I can smile –

it’s over,

I have a plan of action for issues,

I burned a couple hundred calories and

my family missed me.

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